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July 2021

We have a new guy!

We have a big change to announce!  With the re-introduction of gigs, Paul has got really busy with his band 'The Mother Ukers' so we've recruited Romeo Kennedy on Guitar and Bass.

Paul still remains close to the band and no doubt will appear with us from time-to-time but mostly we will be in the safe hands of Romeo as he shares guitar/bass duties with Lu.


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This Guy!

Voted as one of the top 50 albums of 202

It's been a long stretch since we last practiced let alone played live..

But happily some bookings are coming in again and as long as things keep improving, we will be back, live this summer!

Watch this space for more news as it comes...

Gigs are coming back...

March 2021

We are so proud to have been selected by Trip Hop Nation as one of their top 50 albums in 2020.

On a list that includes
Thievery Corporation,
Haelos, Nadine Shah,
Emancipator and Tricky...
We are amongst the finest of company.


See the full list here.

Thanks - Trip Hop Nation

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Jan 2021

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Track Listing
1. Taken by the Water
2. Mr Speaker
3. Bonnie & Clyde
4. Hummingbird
5. Not Anymore
6. Wild Woman
7. This Drought
8. Chico
9. Knots
10. Fisherman
11. Honey Bee (bonus track for CD)

High Shelf Remedy's new self-produced studio album is available to order as a download and as a physical CD from Bandcamp.

With  10 original tracks on the download and a bonus track on the CD, the album is a must for fans.

New Album Released

Dec 2020

The words of Hummingbird came to Lauren whilst she was driving through the Dorset countryside. The lyrics hounded her with so much persistence that she had to pull over next to the monolithic Cerne Abbas giant to scribble them down, struggling to keep up with the current of them coming to her.


When she read over what she had written she realised that the lyrics were in essence of her favourite Frida Khalo painting 'Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird', and were bringing her a message she needed to hear.

Spooky, yet beautiful, it has a Parisian timbre to it that would not sound out of place busked on the cobblestones of Montmartre. 

 Hummingbird Released

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Oct 2021

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